The Boat

Kismet is a Gozzard 36 cutter-rigged monohull. We fell in love with her the minute we saw her, and knew that this boat was meant to be ours.



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  1. i just read your blog for the first time, and want to congratulate you on your new boat. It’s a real beauty! I thought it might’ve been a Pacific Seacraft, but then I’m not really much of a boat expert.
    Thanks for posting the renaming ceremony details. I’ve read several different versions, one of which includes sacrificing virgins, but was unable to locate any that were willing to participate. :-)
    My boat has had at least two names in the past, one of which was only legible through very close scrutiny of the transom and even closer scrutiny on the port and starboard sides of the hull, where one of the old names once appeared. I purchased new name graphics just after launching this season, but decided to wait until next year to apply them. In the meantime, I’m slowly removing all other signs of the last (I think!) name from the boat as the season comes to a close.
    Best of luck with your beautiful new sailboat!

  2. Hi, Jules & Jeff! Hope you got out of the fog unscathed! We headed for Marshall Island for a little swim (the fog had lifted just a bit) and then into Stonington for about an hour – just enough time to gather the colors of Jill Hoys fabulous paintings….and then wound up in Castine for the night. We found a magnificent tidal pool in Smith’s Cove and went for a quick swim before having some oysters at Dennett’s. Hope you make it to Robinhood – would love to hear more about your adventures! (Beautiful photos…btw…)

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