who? me?

I decided to start a blog because for a couple of years now, I have been mucking around with the idea of writing a book based on my (and others who remain unnamed) travel experiences, the good, the bad and especially–the ugly.

It’s just that, every time I sit down to work on that book, I am soooo distracted by all the shit doing cartwheels in my head.  Hmmmm…. what should I fix for dinner?    have I walked the dogs yet today? Maybe I should walk the dogs.  Oh, wow, there’s an article on Australia-maybe I should plan a trip to Australia…

Get the drill? Yeah, some people call it ADD.  I just think of it as OBD-over-stimulated brain dysfunction.  So I just decided to go with it and channel all that activity into this blog.  I hope you enjoy it, and I also hope that you will channel your energy in commenting on my posts–it’s a win-win!



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  1. Thanks for sharing your blog with your Happy Tails team! Loved reading about your adventures and the Cobbler looks divine. May try it with peaches.
    p.s. – Do share any pet food/treat recipes you may have! 🙂

  2. OK – we have 10 big favorites. Ya’ll probably know most all that I’m telling you, but I’m pretending you don’t just in case.

    Pricci on Pharr Rd.
    Kyma on Piedmont
    Lobster Bar
    (the above are Buckhead Life, so a little pricey but delicious always

    La Grotta on Peachtree
    Can not be beat

    Soto Soto (south of Ponce on Highland I think) really good

    Ted’s Montana Grill on Peachtree
    good Bison Burgers and lots more

    Dreamland BBQ in Alpharetta – so worth the trip

    Blue Ridge Grill on W. Paces near Northside Parkway. Also pricey and very tasty.

    Chopstix (in Chastain Square on Roswell) Good Chinese, quiet, great piano player/singer

    Tamarind Seed Bistro at Colony Square (fine Thai)

    We had fun doing this list.

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