Sea of Cortez, Part Two


Welcome back and thanks for checking in. If you haven’t already, please check out Part One of our Sea of Cortez adventures. As I was saying, there were things we loved about the Sea, and some things, well…not so much. The loving part was easy. The wildlife was so diverse, … Continue reading


Northbound on The Baja Trans-Peninsular Highway


  After spending three nights in Todos Santos, it is time to head north, back towards our home port of Ensenada. But not before exploring more of the peninsula, and the beauty that is the Sea of Cortez. We bypassed Loreto on the southbound leg of our trip, so I … Continue reading


Thar She Blows! A Whale of a Tale

“Humpbacks spotted about 2-miles offshore at blahblahblah….” the coastguard transmits over the VHF. Humpbacks? Whales?? I throw myself down the companionway to grab the binoculars. “Head out further!” I command my captain. Jeff dutifully steers to starboard as we leave the coast of New Jersey behind. Dolphins had followed us … Continue reading


The Adventure Awaits

HK and I have been discussing our “next adventure” in life for a few years now. We knew it would involve travel, and moving on, but in what capacity-we weren’t sure. About 4 years ago we bought a pop-up trailer that we named The Pup-Up, and took her, along with … Continue reading


Picking the Bucket

The Original Bucket

In preparation of our upcoming trip up the East Coast, HK and I are re-equipping the “Pup” for a month-long journey with the 3 pups. We’ve gone on a few week-long camping trips since our 3-month cross country trip last year, but it’s time to replace a few essentials. Like the spare … Continue reading


Amelia Island, Here We Come!

It is already (just?) February, and we have to tell you, we are bored out of our skins! This past year has been a the year of travel for the 3 pups. We have been home barely a month from our latest excursion and we are ever-so-ready to be back … Continue reading


What I learned while on the road

Well, we’re back safe and sound (for the most part) in Atlanta from our 3-month road trip. I say mostly because Chance picked-up some gastro thing-y during our last 4 days and was really sick. He still ate, naturally, but threw up or squirted out anything he consumed. He’s better … Continue reading