1 Week to go!

Well, even if I don’t win any medals, I’m gonna have a great looking butt come summer! This training has been a wonderful motivator for me to work my lungs and body. And every time I come home from training, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to be … Continue reading


“Official” training is underway!

Training is FUNdamental!

I’ve been going to Resolution Fitness in the 191 Peachtree Bldg now for a couple of weeks. After my first experience with the workout, I seriously pondered the wisdom of making such a commitment. A 5-week training course to whip me into shape to complete a climb up 52 stories … Continue reading


Lung Cancer-Now It’s Personal

mom lung cancer

YAY!!! I am elated to report that my Mom is In Remission!!!! Yep! Her lungs show no spread of that dreaded “C” word! ¬†This has been a long and emotional journey for my family, and it was with a huge, collective sigh of relief when we learned the news. It … Continue reading