Moving on to Puebla

When Spanish school was over and done with, Jeff and I wasted no time moving on to our next destination, Puebla, Mexico. It was bittersweet saying adios to our friends, but we were brain-dead from six-weeks of nearly non-stop studying, and ready to explore more of this beautiful country that we … Continue reading



Dear Mom



Dear Mom,

It has been a week since you left this existence to enter into another life.

Oh how I miss you.  How many times have I picked up the phone to tell you something funny that just happened, a great score I made while shopping, or the movie that just moved me.   I want to call you, but I know you won’t answer. Dad will pick up the phone, and I try, unsuccessfully, to relate to him, the purpose for my call. He just doesn’t “get” the thrill of a new pair of boots for 40% off.  That is “our” score. Ours. Yours and mine, what we clink our glasses to at dinner. Score!

I think about you all the time. Even in my deepest sleep. Two nights after you died, in the middle of a dream, you appeared in front of me, and stroked my cheek, twice, as if to tell me “Do Not Cry—It’s All Good”, and then you rose back into the light.

I have so many questions for you. Could you feel my love? Were you at peace? Did you know you were dying? Did you believe that we would all be OK once you passed?

I can tell you this, Momma, that although we had those “Mom and Daughter” battles during my tumultuous teens, I am forever grateful for the months of truly bonding during your illness. Looking through endless pictures spanning your youth to my adulthood, we commemorated the past, lived in the moment, and speculated on the future. Those moments are forever held in my heart.

When you realized just how sick you were, that you would never walk again, I climbed into bed with you and we held each other and cried. We kissed and hugged every day. And “I Love You’” was a constant reminder of any love left unsaid in years passed.  I now have a permanent reminder- a tattoo- to “breathe”, in your honor. In LOVE for you.

I want to share this video with you. I find myself watching it often, singing it loudly, sending it to you with all my love. I love you, Momma. I love you.
To you, I release this prayer, this song , this love. And so it is.


Valentine’s Day, Part 2

Yesterday’s post  highlighted Kismet, the Birthday Boy who celebrates his barkday today. However, we musn’t forget the other two loves in our lives, Roxie and Chance. If you’ve ever had a dog that loved you so much they wanted nothing more than to stare in your face every waking moment (and … Continue reading


Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. The first observed holiday to follow the biggest, most important Christian holiday of the year. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the similarities shared by both? The color red–Santa’s suit and valentines; poinsettias and roses Both have roots in Christianity, but those roots seem to take a back … Continue reading


Happy Valentine’s Day with Love

Valentine’s Day.  A day to celebrate love. AND a day to celebrate one of our cherished, beloved pups, Kismet! We’re not really sure, but when we adopted Kismet from a rescue in May of 1999, he was “a little over a year old”. We decided to make his birthday fall … Continue reading


Gifting with a Purpose

This weekend, HK and I went to the (close eyes, deep breath, shoulders down, un-clench jaw) mall.  God, it was painful, but had to do it. There was something specific that a certain unnamed someone wanted, so we got up early to beat the crowds.  Yeah, right.  As you may … Continue reading