Spoil Yourself at Highbourne Cay, Exumas

Bring it!

“Sputt…Sputt….” Nothing. Silence. No engine running. Just the sound of waves and current. “Shit! Jesus, take the wheel” (A joke we use, referring to a Carrie Underwood song, when someone else needs to steer the boat) We are heading into the cut to take us to Highbourne Cay, a beautiful marina/resort … Continue reading


It’s Happening in Black Point, Exumas

Another view of the laundry deck

Who would expect a laundromat  to be a highlight of a sailing destination? Ida’s Rockside Laundry is, indeed, a landmark not to be missed. Blackpoint is a small settlement in the Central Exumas, Bahamas. It is “famous” among cruisers for several things: Lorraine’s Cafe, which serves typical Bahamian cuisine and hosts … Continue reading


Blow Me!

Ty's. The sunsets are free.

“Blow it!” He demands in drunken enthusiasm. I shake my head, faking a polite smile, but this merely encourages him. Spewing thick smoke from his soggy, hand-rolled cigarette, he demonstrates, again, how he likes his conch blown. We are at Little Farmers Cay, a tiny settlement in the Exuma Chain … Continue reading


Sharing Spaces

Sailing Kismet

  Jeff and I just hosted our first company aboard Kismet. After seven days sharing approximately 200 sq. ft. (that’s less than 50 sq. ft. p/p, if you count the 2 boat dogs), I am happy to say that it was a successful endeavor. Sharon, an old friend from our early Atlanta … Continue reading


A Bahamas Redux


I’ll be honest. When Jeff and I decided to spend months on end in the Bahamas this winter, I was apprehensive. Previous Bahamian experiences had left a bitter taste on my tongue.   My first exposure to The Bahamas was over 30 years ago, “celebrating” my first wedding anniversary with … Continue reading


Stocking Up

  Hmmmm…. Do I have enough rice? Better get a few more bags just in case. Surveying the varieties of rice on the shelf: carribbean rice, dirty rice, yellow rice, wild rice, gumbo, risotto,long grain, short gain, pearl…I just swipe the entire shelf with my forearm into my already overflowing … Continue reading