Camping with the 3 Pups

Camping in North Georgia

  I could smell the smoke from halfway across the campground. I knew it wasn’t any of the smoldering campfires from the handful of campers here.   It was the cigarette smoke that I once found so comforting, but now only related to death and illness. She was standing, partially hidden, … Continue reading


Picking the Bucket

The Original Bucket

In preparation of our upcoming trip up the East Coast, HK and I are re-equipping the “Pup” for a month-long journey with the 3 pups. We’ve gone on a few week-long camping trips since our 3-month cross country trip last year, but it’s time to replace a few essentials. Like the spare … Continue reading


Amelia Island, Here We Come!

It is already (just?) February, and we have to tell you, we are bored out of our skins! This past year has been a the year of travel for the 3 pups. We have been home barely a month from our latest excursion and we are ever-so-ready to be back … Continue reading


Photo Friday-British Columbia camping

While traveling through British Columbia, HK and I camped at Birkenhead Lake, a remote, pristine Provincial Park located about two hours north of Whistler . As we were setting up the pup-up, the park ranger told us there were bears in the campground right now, to watch out for Chance. We … Continue reading


Snapshots from the road

As we travel the backroads and backwoods of North America, I am constantly on the lookout for interesting geographical features, ‘world’s biggest” whatevers, and “The One and Only’s”. On our last big road trip 2 years ago, when we made a mad dash across America to Vancouver, we were thrilled … Continue reading



Wow! We’ve gone through so many different temperature zones on this trip it’s CRAZY!!!! We just left sunny Vacouver and are in the Vancouver Island North area- Port McNeil to be exact. It’s cold and socked-in in the mornings warming up to the mid-60’s during the day. Quite a change … Continue reading