inspire anchor

We’ve waited a long time for this. I guess a few days longer won’t make that much difference… HK and I have been packing, culling, and packing some more for our upcoming trip to “Naptown” (Annapolis, MD) to begin our foray into the sailing life. This will be a 2-month trial … Continue reading


The Adventure Awaits

HK and I have been discussing our “next adventure” in life for a few years now. We knew it would involve travel, and moving on, but in what capacity-we weren’t sure. About 4 years ago we bought a pop-up trailer that we named The Pup-Up, and took her, along with … Continue reading


Gittin’ bit in Alligator Alley!

Over the holidays, HK and I decided to break up our week-long isit w/ my parents by going on an overnight kayak adventure in the everglades.  “Oh, my god, are you nuts??  Don’t you know there are gators and pythons out there?  You’ll get eaten alive!!”   Mom shook her head in that … Continue reading