All is Swell on El Gato

Sunset on El Gato

Any sailor will tell you that a”schedule” is merely a suggested date and time. After 19 days, however, J Cruise has not only stayed on schedule, but earned a day, as well. We have managed to depart within 10 minutes of “tee-time” each travel day, and have arrived close enough to … Continue reading


Introducing J Cruise

J Cruise Crew

Tomorrow El Gato will begin the journey that we have dreamed of for…well, not for that long. A year ago, this trip wasn’t even on our radar. But since buying a boat in California, we decided to sail around Mexico and Central America before crossing the Panama Canal towards the Caribbean … Continue reading




I’ve been told, no, promised, that I’d see whales on our sail to Catalina Island. It has been 10 hours, and I haven’t seen one breaching baleen. What I have seen are hearts. Big, red, mylar heart-shaped balloons, a reminder of this past weekends Valentines Day. They are floating on the … Continue reading


Fun on Block Island, RI

When Jeff and I decided to sail Kismet to New England this Summer, the only reason Rhode Island was even on our radar was because I could then mark it off as one of the remaining 3 or 4 states I have yet to visit. Other than that, no plans … Continue reading


Blow Me!

Ty's. The sunsets are free.

“Blow it!” He demands in drunken enthusiasm. I shake my head, faking a polite smile, but this merely encourages him. Spewing thick smoke from his soggy, hand-rolled cigarette, he demonstrates, again, how he likes his conch blown. We are at Little Farmers Cay, a tiny settlement in the Exuma Chain … Continue reading


What’s in a Name?


Everyone knows, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it is BAD LUCK to rename your boat, right?? UNLESS you adhere to a strict protocol that involves both de-naming and re-naming ceremonies, offerings to all of the Gods involved, and lots of champagne. Only after adhering to these rules can one hope to be … Continue reading


Boat Sweet Boat

Carload. Photobomb by Roxie!

Well,  Jeff and I put good intentions aside and now we’re back on board Kismet, ready to do some sailing. Finally. Back in Georgia, in a mad-dash effort to ready our lakehouse for the rental market, it became clear that we were unprepared to carry out the unrealistic expectations we imposed on ourselves. Just soaking in … Continue reading


Welcome to call it kismet

Kismet:  noun  fate; destiny After lots of procrastination, denial and just plain avoidance, I have finally hopped the hurdle and changed my blog. We obviously are no longer 3 Pups In A Pop-Up, since the original pup, Kismet, crossed over the rainbow bridge this Spring. And….we have decided to sell the Pop-up. … Continue reading