Spanish For Dummies


Last year, when Jeff and I decided to become Mexicans, we agreed that we would have to do more than just pay our money, prove our worth and spend a sizable amount of time standing in lines. No, that was all necesita, but there was one muy importante task needed to complete … Continue reading


Sea of Cortez, Part Two


Welcome back and thanks for checking in. If you haven’t already, please check out Part One of our Sea of Cortez adventures. As I was saying, there were things we loved about the Sea, and some things, well…not so much. The loving part was easy. The wildlife was so diverse, … Continue reading


All is Swell on El Gato

Sunset on El Gato

Any sailor will tell you that a”schedule” is merely a suggested date and time. After 19 days, however, J Cruise has not only stayed on schedule, but earned a day, as well. We have managed to depart within 10 minutes of “tee-time” each travel day, and have arrived close enough to … Continue reading


Introducing J Cruise

J Cruise Crew

Tomorrow El Gato will begin the journey that we have dreamed of for…well, not for that long. A year ago, this trip wasn’t even on our radar. But since buying a boat in California, we decided to sail around Mexico and Central America before crossing the Panama Canal towards the Caribbean … Continue reading


Southbound on the Baja Peninsula

Headed South

Despacio, Por Favor!! Please, SLOW THE $#@% DOWN!!! Jeff and I are driving a rental car from Ensenada to La Paz, Mexico and beyond, down the Trans-Peninsular Highway.  1000 miles of 2-narrow lane, mostly paved, sometimes flat, often steep, monotonously straight, blindly-curvy cactus-lined and shoulder-lacking highway. We’ve become complacent in our current living situation … Continue reading


The Art of Drinking

That's a lotta vino!

Now that Jeff and I are Mexicans, we’ve resolved to explore our adopted country more thoroughly. So this weekend, we visited Baja wine country in the Guadalupe Valley. Most gringos aren’t aware that some of the best wines in North America come from this area. With over 150 wineries and a … Continue reading




I’ve been told, no, promised, that I’d see whales on our sail to Catalina Island. It has been 10 hours, and I haven’t seen one breaching baleen. What I have seen are hearts. Big, red, mylar heart-shaped balloons, a reminder of this past weekends Valentines Day. They are floating on the … Continue reading