All is Swell on El Gato

Sunset on El Gato

Any sailor will tell you that a”schedule” is merely a suggested date and time. After 19 days, however, J Cruise has not only stayed on schedule, but earned a day, as well. We have managed to depart within 10 minutes of “tee-time” each travel day, and have arrived close enough to … Continue reading


Introducing J Cruise

J Cruise Crew

Tomorrow El Gato will begin the journey that we have dreamed of for…well, not for that long. A year ago, this trip wasn’t even on our radar. But since buying a boat in California, we decided to sail around Mexico and Central America before crossing the Panama Canal towards the Caribbean … Continue reading




I’ve been told, no, promised, that I’d see whales on our sail to Catalina Island. It has been 10 hours, and I haven’t seen one breaching baleen. What I have seen are hearts. Big, red, mylar heart-shaped balloons, a reminder of this past weekends Valentines Day. They are floating on the … Continue reading


That’s the Maine Thing.


SHIT! SHIP!! SHIP!!!! Jeff drops, no, slings, the chart aside as he grabs the wheel and slams it to port (left). Directly off our starbird (right) side is what at first appears to be a mega yacht cruising full speed ahead toward our beam. On a second, less hysterical look, … Continue reading


Fun on Block Island, RI

When Jeff and I decided to sail Kismet to New England this Summer, the only reason Rhode Island was even on our radar was because I could then mark it off as one of the remaining 3 or 4 states I have yet to visit. Other than that, no plans … Continue reading


Sharing Spaces

Sailing Kismet

  Jeff and I just hosted our first company aboard Kismet. After seven days sharing approximately 200 sq. ft. (that’s less than 50 sq. ft. p/p, if you count the 2 boat dogs), I am happy to say that it was a successful endeavor. Sharon, an old friend from our early Atlanta … Continue reading


Stocking Up

  Hmmmm…. Do I have enough rice? Better get a few more bags just in case. Surveying the varieties of rice on the shelf: carribbean rice, dirty rice, yellow rice, wild rice, gumbo, risotto,long grain, short gain, pearl…I just swipe the entire shelf with my forearm into my already overflowing … Continue reading




My parents moved to South Florida about 15 years ago. Along with seventeen million other retirees from any place north of middle Georgia. Snowbirds. I used to chuckle at all those blue-hairs ambling down I-75 every November, all hunched over, grasping the steering wheel between clenched fists, barely able to see over … Continue reading


What’s in a Name?


Everyone knows, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it is BAD LUCK to rename your boat, right?? UNLESS you adhere to a strict protocol that involves both de-naming and re-naming ceremonies, offerings to all of the Gods involved, and lots of champagne. Only after adhering to these rules can one hope to be … Continue reading


Takin’ a Bite of the Big Apple

Lady Liberty

“New York! Just like I pictured it. Skyscrapers. Everything!” I don’t know why I say that every time I go to New York. It just seems natural. I remember it from Stevie Wonder’s “Innervisions” album, the song, “Living For the City”. The weather was perfect for clear views of the city. … Continue reading