Introducing J Cruise

J Cruise Crew

Tomorrow El Gato will begin the journey that we have dreamed of for…well, not for that long. A year ago, this trip wasn’t even on our radar. But since buying a boat in California, we decided to sail around Mexico and Central America before crossing the Panama Canal towards the Caribbean … Continue reading


The Art of Drinking

That's a lotta vino!

Now that Jeff and I are Mexicans, we’ve resolved to explore our adopted country more thoroughly. So this weekend, we visited Baja wine country in the Guadalupe Valley. Most gringos aren’t aware that some of the best wines in North America come from this area. With over 150 wineries and a … Continue reading


Thank You, Erma Bombeck

I just spent a fabulous 3 days in Dayton, Ohio (yes, it’s possible to have a fabulous time there.)  I attended my first ever Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop, a bi-annual coming-together of humor writers. Attendees run the gamut of published authors, screen-writers, bloggers, social media fanatics and those who were … Continue reading


Go Ahead. Put Yourself Out There.

This weekend I attended an excellent and entertaining workshop presented by the Atlanta Writer’s Club. I’ve been working on a couple of writing projects for awhile, now, and seem to have hit a wall.  Lauretta Hannon (The Cracker Queen) spoke on the importance of platform for writers. She kept us … Continue reading