The difference between life and death

Chance here. After last week’s Wordless Wednesday, I got real hungry looking at all that FOOD!! I told Mommy I was hungry, and she fed me. End of story.

But that’s NOT the end of the story. Not at all. Did you know that across the planet (and maybe even on other planets), that there are nearly 1 billion people that are hungry? And not just tummy growling hungry-haveasnack-hungry-i mean chronically hungry.  Hungry every day. Waking up hungry and going to bed hungry.

We were over at one of the blogs we follow, No Vacation Required, and read a thoughtful , disturbing, informative post about hunger around the world. We decided to pass the message on.

So today, in honor of World Food Day, me and Roxie and Kizzy want to spread the word to our readers and let you know that this has got to change!!  Ending Hunger is a worldwide program designed to attract signatures to a petition to tell our leaders that this is unacceptable and we’re mad as hell. World leaders need to move world hunger to the top of their political agendas. Will you sign the petition? 

The World Food Programme has a very informative website with statistics, maps and general information about world hunger.

So would you please spread the word and join the others of us who want to make a difference?  Thanks!



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